Day-9 – My House

Like the air in my room

I feel trapped

Like the lock on my door

I feel stuck

Like the couch I lay on

I feel burdened

Like the flower vase in the shelf

I feel plastic

I sit lay eat

All day long

In this melancholic house 

The bright warm day

Brings the scalding words

On the icy dark night

Cold shoulders hit my face

I rose to the roof to pull it all together

Only to fall all the way down the stairs

I lay dead cold

For all day to come

In this melancholic house of mine


Everybody face their own problems in the house. When it all feels overwhelming and put you in the ‘shut the door or storm off’ situation, do neither of those, take a deep breath and a step back. Back and back, until you are out of it and can see what are the problems, then solve it. I know it’s not that simple, but It always works for me.


Original photo by Matt Jones

Check out his and other amazing works at Unsplash


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