From Where I fell

Sometimes I have believed: inside steel strong morals, untarnishable aims, and intuitive life built by own hands that I'm invincible. But what I didn't realize it then was that just my flaws were invisible. I tried to control my days which began on Mondays and every little thing my family would do. Unrealized, I grew … Continue reading From Where I fell


The Words We Need to Say

Today, there were two girls in the beach right next to me. Chatting about their day of which I didn't hear anything, so I wasn't eavesdropping. I wanted to go upto them and talk to them, to at least one of them. She was dipping her feet in the sea water, I could have easily … Continue reading The Words We Need to Say

Tangled Lives

This is my first novelette or any kind of work which isn't a flash fiction. So read as much as you can, give any and all feedback. bookmark it if you need it. Anything from you would be valued and appreciated a lot. ******************************************* TANGLED LIVES A NOT SO LENGTHY PROLOGUE “Anything else you need, … Continue reading Tangled Lives