Normal is not what's right; it is just what's common. In a world where hatred was fortunate enough to prey on it's victims, what happened to the people who weren't normal but good is what this story is about.

Dangerous Thoughts

“Are you sure about this?” Jenny’s sweaty palms were wrapped around my elbow, and I could feel the heat radiating from her hands inside my cotton shirt. “Yeah, I think…yeah! What’s the point of all these when it’s not useful to anyone, fucking, ever!” I said.

Two Threads 2

Ana cradled her daughter in her arms, the child’s head burrowing deep inside her thick cloak. It was behind them now, but what was before? She had thought it was all over for them when they were cast adrift. Belus had chosen a day of storm to be rid of her, and his face was … Continue reading Two Threads 2

Restless night

How magical!

Jane Dougherty Writes

Last night, for the first two hours after taking a pain killer, I dipped in and out of half-sleep, woken by the same imperative repeated over and over—don’t forget two threads of the story, the two characters in a boat, the other two on the mountain, remember how the threads pull together.

Two hours of this anxiety that I might forget the vital elements of the plot of the story plagued me before I woke completely, the pain too bad to sleep and the anxiety still there.

on the water

a boat with swan’s wings


But what is the story? Not one that I am writing. Who are the two people in the boat? What is their relationship with the two climbing the mountain? I wish I knew. Perhaps it is a story waiting to be written, the voice urging me to remember, the voice of what…

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Running title…

Some days, you start running and it just doesn't feel right. It feels like you are either dragging your feet, or you are carrying your head on your back. It's a normal thing for me and that's how most of my runs start.