Day-8 – Fear – Part-1 – Hyperbole

Shaking hands sends tremors down the land

Seeping darkness from mind

Paints the bright sky black

I cower and hide

In my very own dream

I lay down my will

To build the perfect world

Under the pompous robe

I mock the other worlds

Shame the sun for a faux firefly

I spew ink on their sweet faces

I suck their life like a blotting paper

I am have became

What I



Hyperbole-A figure of speech composed of a striking Exaggeration. 

I was overjoyed when I decided to write a poem with Hyperbole,but it was harder than usual. Which led me to believe that, exaggerating words and feelings isn’t the same. I’m rather good at doing that feelings type, I fell short on the words. All more reasons for more practice.


Original photo by Ryan Lum.

Check out his and other amazing works at Unsplash


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