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Some days, you start running and it just doesn’t feel right. It feels like you are either dragging your feet, or you are carrying your head on your back. It’s a normal thing for me and that’s how most of my runs start.

But, today wasn’t like that. Today, I felt in place as soon as I started running. To be fair, I did run very slowly; so slow that people could mistake it for walking if they saw me from afar, but that doesn’t matter. What mattered is that today I ran.

We feel so much anxiety, and stress about starting new things; most probably because we have never done it before, or haven’t done it that way. So we feel don’t comfortable doing it.

I’m not like that, I feel excited to do new things. The anxiety and stress will be there, but this excitement and joy to do something new always triumphs it. That’s why I love starting new habits.

But as the days goes by, the excitement, the joy and this sensation you feel starts to subside, yet the stress and anxiety lingers for a long time after that. So, after a week or so, you are more anxious and scared than when you started it. So that’s when I give up. Kick it so fast out of my life that for next few weeks, I won’t even think about it.

It’s not the only problem though. As you keep doing this process, over and over, for years like me. Your brain starts to catch up. It knows that you aren’t going to keep doing it. It knows you are just going to quit, and that’s when your self-respect take a big hit. After that, there will be only anxiousness and stress, no joy or excitement.

Sooner or later, you have to do something about it. So from now on, if you start something, just keep doing it; even after the joy and excitement fades; to the end until you feel the stress subsides, and that’s when you can quit.

It’s not when you should quit, but if you ever wanted to quit something: don’t quit it when it’s hard, quit it when it’s not hard as anymore. That way, your brain and invariably you knows that you didn’t give up; you just made a decision.

But all of this can happen, only if you start. And if you push yourselves way too much at the beginning, you won’t even get that joy and excitement which only appears in the beginning. So, the wise and kind thing to do is to start slowly; take it easy. It doesn’t matter how fast you run on your first run, but how long you keep running.

Here’s to first of many runs in which we outrun stress, anxiety, fear and the occasional dogs.

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash


9 thoughts on “Running title…

    1. Can I edit my comment??

      I’m going to have write something now.

      What I was hesitating to say, was: thanks for writing this. I’m just milling around WordPress looking for blogs that talk about running, not exclusively, but as a part of the topics the writer covers.

      I’ve just read your post here. And I needed to hear that. As a serial starter of things, yes, the brain cottons on to the pattern. Yes. Keep doing.

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      1. I want to say that I would never do it, but that wouldn’t be completely honest. I’m just glad I posted this one, and I’m just hoping that I would continue to do so.


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