This is not a motivational post, and I hate motivational posts.

You know it’s the same you: the same shoes, the same legs and everything, but sometimes it feels different. I used to consider 3kms as a warm up, or just getting started, but today it was all I could do. It was green grass under my foot instead of tar, rocks and sand; obviously a better and kinder choice, but I struggled more.

Sometimes, when you have to do something; something that you have done more than a hundred times; something you are intimately familiar with, but in a different environment, we struggle.

Like starting a new job, joining a new school, or even running on a stadium for the first time, but we have to realize on our own that it doesn’t change anything. Our ability, the power to step on the group and keep going forward, doesn’t come from the place, but from within ourselves.

All an environment can do is to boost or hinder our effort, only to a certain extent, but it cannot render us incapacitated. And you don’t have to wait until this realization dawns on you.

Once you push through the environment and do what you have always been doing: be it giving a speech in front of thousand people instead of two; running in a stadium instead of away from dogs; vaulting obstacles instead of walls, it’ll all make sense: the power comes from within.

Photo by Kealan Burke on Unsplash


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