[Flash Fiction] Made for each other!

“Seriously? All of it in one person?” he chuckled.

“You said you won’t judge!” she warned him.

“I know. I was just thinking how easy it would be to destroy that one with my evil minions. To be honest, I won’t even have to try.  Look how soft and sensitive it is, It’ll stumble and break itself,” he smirked and glanced at his worshippers down there, going on and about breaking hearts and will of innocent people.

“Don’t be so sure!” she said with an usual level of confidence.

He walked over to her and peeped deep in to his eyes, “Mhhh!”

“You won’t find anything there! At least not today!”

“I know but what’s so special about today?”

She smirked silently and added the last drop, “There, Done!”

“What’s-  how did-  what was that last drop?” he almost never stuttered ever, “I have never seen that one before. How did you make it? It doesn’t look anything special though,” he closely examined the pot before her.

“Not yet,” a  red thread of smoke flew from the mixture as she spoke and it flew towards an another pot on the ground and tied itself to it’s contents. She smiled at him proudly.

“Not this again! Did you find something else? What is it this time? Don’t you remember, nothing works, love, kindness, mercy, loyalty. Nothing works the way you expect them to be, as long as I’m here! Every virtue you create and fill up a person with will break and dessicate once my darkness takes hold of their hearts. Only darkness will rule this earth. No one, not even that girl or the guy whom you created now can change that. Now tell me damn it, what is it?” he clearly lost his patience.

” It’s not about changing earth or fighting darkness, you know. I have been going about this the  wrong way all this time. The only way you beat something is not if you avoid it. The only way to defeat something is to survive it. And they… They will survive everything together. You will see!” she walked past him,” I just redefined a phrase.”

” a phrase? What phrase?”

“Made for each other!”

“You think you are so smart, love, company, made for each other, blah blah blah -,” his words faded in the distance as she soared down the sky and started her regular visit around the globe.


Flash Fiction a day keeps the writing block away!

– Me.

Picture by Jason Blackeye.


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