Day – 79 – Pride & Prejudice!

​ Among the virtues

Fed along the cow milk lies 

The first seed of hate

the fear of anything new

Prided as patriotism

©All rights reserved.

My first ever Tanka written for Colleen’s weekly poetry challenge with the prompt words as Pride & Hate. I’m in no way against patriotism, but not everything we think as patriotism is patriotism and those things are root of some of the dangerous things in the world.

Part of my #The100DaysOfPoetryLearning project.

Original Picture from Unsplash.


18 thoughts on “Day – 79 – Pride & Prejudice!

  1. Well done! I think you captured the essence of what I was going after with those prompt words. It is a sad state of affairs for sure! ❤

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    1. Oh, I’m so happy to hear you share the same opinion. People here and around the world are Blinded by patriotism and religion, that they won’t even hear a healthy dose of criticism.


      1. The worst part about is that they would call us anti-patriotic or something while they are forgoing their basic human nature. Even if we are anti nationalist, I think it would be far better than being inhumane!


      2. Yup, they do. Few weeks ago, police arrested a youth here for inviting people through Facebook to join a peace protest against government. So it’s definitely a risk these days, standing out and standing against. Anything other crouching!


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