Day – 75 – Fear

​Falling, Burning, Slitting

– disfigured to be scathed

Buried to the core,

To be trapped, drowned or bound.

Through the hazy clouds of comfort,

Sun and moon flicks through.

Cursed for the

Perpetuity of immobility.

Never to be jolted up

By the essence of fear.

©All rights reserved.


Party at dVerse. Bring your quadrille or taste ours.

To the nice people at dVerse, A burning question. What’s so special about the quadrille that bought itself a permanent place on dVerse’s schedule?

Part of my #The100DaysOfPoetryLearning project.

Original Picture from Unsplash.


20 thoughts on “Day – 75 – Fear

  1. It seems that being jolted by the essence of fear may be a good thing keeping one from immobility. Victoria knows more about the history of the quadrille. I have been here less than a year. I like the quadrille and combine it with some version of common meter to get a metrical sound. One week for this potentially metrical poem and then the next with the haibun which is more prosaic.

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  2. I like to be mobilized by fear rather than paralyzed by it. Good question about the quadrille – Like Victoria (she and I are both members of the staff). we at dVerse occasionally refresh ourselves. I think Bjorn Rudberg came up with the 44 words as a way of keeping things short without limiting line numbers. There was a suggest of 33, 66, etc but 44 won out. We like it!

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  3. Imprisoned, it would seem–a world of fear-protection. Ugh.
    To answer your questions about the Quadrille as best I can, there have been other memes out there that used word limitations. One of them was quite popular, asking for exactly 55 words. He “retired” his prompts. Two years ago we were looking for something to refresh dVerse which has been around since 2011 and has seen team members come and go. We decided to come up with something that had the connotation of a dance and the Quadrille fit the bill. Because it is so popular we have kept it, along with the Haibun which we initiated at the same time. Before that we were using Monday’s for Interviews or bios about famous poets but those were not as participative or popular. We try to keep things fresh and interesting. Hope this explains it. My own thought on the quadrille–writing to a give number of words like 44 helps writers of all sorts to write tight without to many fluffy, unnecessary words. Guess my response doesn’t adhere to this too well!

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    1. Thank you so much for your amazing response and kind feedback. I understand now and I am starting understand why quadrille and Haibun are famous as they are. But what piqued my interest is ‘bio and interview of famous poets’. It sounds wonderful, I wish it could be done too.


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