Day – 64 – Villanelle #2 – The burden to be a man!

​Hold head high within a cage, Or look down as I soar through the sky,  Be a man or be free? On the sight of oppression I rage, Scream and bleed, I'd rather die, Than to hold head high within a cage. But I wish I could meet a mage With his white dazzling magic, … Continue reading Day – 64 – Villanelle #2 – The burden to be a man!


Democritus junior – Jilly’s July challenge!

Jilly is hosting July challenge in which two poets write two parts of poem to complete it. I finished the quadrille wrote by Charlie which is in bold. Mine are italicized. The bird broke my concentration when he pecked the door. “Anatomy of Melancholy” from my fingers fell. Closed, it hit the floor. Hard, And my  mind quake, I … Continue reading Democritus junior – Jilly’s July challenge!