[Poetry]Day 84 – Dreams!

Greasy hands grasping the security hidden in the tightly woven yarns...


[Short Story] Misa is drowning (Misa #2)

“Captain! CAPTAIN!” he came tumbling to the bridge. Captain spat the cigar stub on his way. Louise froze on his tracks, “The decks are flooding,” he reported in between violent wheezing. “Have the source been identified?” he seemed too calm for a captain of a sinking ship. “Couldn’t Sir! It’s boiling down there!” he screamed, … Continue reading [Short Story] Misa is drowning (Misa #2)

Lost Wings

Frank spun a beautiful and bitter-sweet tale on the wings phenomenon!

Poetry, Short Prose and Walking

A fairy, Christine, lost her wings on top of a hill overlooking the glen while watching the orange sky accept the setting sun. She did not think she was so old. She picked up her wings sighing “Oh!” and stumbled down to the glen on foot aided by moonlight. The other fairies greeted her with relieved laughter since she was gone so long and then tears when they saw her wings. Her transformation had begun.

Sylvia came to wish her farewell. She told Christine about the completed transformation of her fairy-child that morning. She cried and Christine comforted her.

Samuel came to wish her farewell. He told Christine about the completed transformation of his fairy-wife that morning. He cried and Christine comforted him.

Rose, another fairy, a teenage one, came to wish her aunt farewell. Her father told her she had to. She looked into Christine’s eyes. “Look deeper,” Christine…

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