I am Happy Now

For every moment in the future that might put a question in my head to doubt my sanity, content, and ever so elusive happiness, let this moment be a reminder that I was happy even if it was only for a passing instance on a mundane day. I am capable of being happy, but I … Continue reading I am Happy Now


Dangerous Thoughts

“Are you sure about this?” Jenny’s sweaty palms were wrapped around my elbow, and I could feel the heat radiating from her hands inside my cotton shirt. “Yeah, I think…yeah! What’s the point of all these when it’s not useful to anyone, fucking, ever!” I said.

Restless night

How magical!

Jane Dougherty Writes

Last night, for the first two hours after taking a pain killer, I dipped in and out of half-sleep, woken by the same imperative repeated over and over—don’t forget two threads of the story, the two characters in a boat, the other two on the mountain, remember how the threads pull together.

Two hours of this anxiety that I might forget the vital elements of the plot of the story plagued me before I woke completely, the pain too bad to sleep and the anxiety still there.

on the water

a boat with swan’s wings


But what is the story? Not one that I am writing. Who are the two people in the boat? What is their relationship with the two climbing the mountain? I wish I knew. Perhaps it is a story waiting to be written, the voice urging me to remember, the voice of what…

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