How Would You Know?

If you love someone,
does your pupils dilate when you remember them,
your heart race when you hear their name,
and your hands shake when thinking of holding them?
Or do you simply never let them fade from your thoughts?

Close your eyes and clear your mind
for a second.
In the darkness lies before your eyes,
imagine a world without them.

A day when you don't have them by your side
to exchange the mundane stories that life offers,
to stare into their face mindlessly with a shameful smile,
to breathe the same air that leaves their body.

If you think that, and feel yourself drowning;
the air in your lungs vanishing into vacuum
as you struggle to grab the air outside with bare hands;
maybe to just push it down our throat
and teach our lungs how to breathe again
but failing just like how we did to grab their attention;
forsaken by the very things that we desire most,
things that we crave for.
But in the end we survive
with just enough strength to take one deep breath.

If you want to know if you love someone,
think that you have lost them, and
you wont be able to find yourself anymore.

You just won't be able to find yourself anymore.

Photo by Velizar Ivanov on Unsplash


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