I have heard time heals broken hearts.
I put your name out of my mind
no matter how sweet it tasted in my tongue every time I said it.
I stopped texting you
because I always think that's the only thing that matters:
the only thing worth doing.

I stopped inviting you,
I stopped waiting to be invited,
I stopped seeing you,
even if my head swirled from not having you in my days;
even if my fingers twitched to text you,
tell you everything important and unimportant;
even though I never stopped feeling like we are best friends.

But in those moments when I have to talk to you;
when I have to listen to your voice, your laugh;
especially in those moments when you scold me,
everything changes.
All the loneliness,
all the early nights,
all the empty chats,
all those things left unsaid and
moments unlived,
all that disappears.

I stopped talking to you because I have heard time heals broken hearts,
but nobody told me about the love that stops time.
It ticks down only when you are near.
The world moves only when you are here.

Photo by Cristian Newman on Unsplash


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