If I were to be

If I were to be a thing in this world,
I wouldn’t be something bold
that steals the show
or makes your jaw drop low.
If it ever came to that,
I think I would have been a boat;
something simple and unpainted;
of its inside never tainted
by feet pressing down prints
of memories and melodic tunes.

There wouldn’t be a paddle
around or even a decent pole
to steer away from the troubles
which clouds the horizon with bubbles
of self-doubts and mistakes
that inevitably adds up.
Rising and falling with the tide,
it would travel places wide
around the world blind and fast
leaving its lofty goals in the past
to collide and drown somewhere;
its last happy moment, unable to remember.

If I were to be a thing in this world
I think I would be a lonely boat without an oar.

Photo by Casey Horner on Unsplash


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