The Days When We Fail

With sweat upon my face
after running in a fast pace,
I took a seat on the top row
thinking of the effort I sow
by failing on this day.

The breaths out of rhythm;
my chest and heart aching with them,
I lift my chin up towards east
to face the magnificent beast,
wiping off my dismay.

Spilling over the brim,
her golden light mocked my cheap grim;
even when no one is mourning,
why do you raise every morning?
I asked seeking a way.

But I know she would say
that she couldn’t ever delay
her rise, fall, or even the spin
as she is the fate’s sole linchpin
keeping the dark at bay.

So I thought to myself
about the days we fail our self:
It still matters more than we know;
pushing farther the day we say no
to get up, run, and play.

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash


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