“I Hope it’s not too cheesy” have I never said in a restaurant, but saying now.

It’s the third day in a month: another peaceful morning, another mud and grass track, and the same warm sun on my face. You know what they say: thrice makes it thrives.

Okay, maybe nobody says that, but I got something else to say and it’s about hope.

You go to bed at 1.30, and you know you won’t wake up tomorrow early enough to make the morning run, and you think, “Eh, who cares! I am never going to break out of this circle of laziness and indulgence; to be the person I want to be. I might as well get a good sleep” So no alarm is set; no mental note is marked, and you just drop down on the bed.

Out of nowhere, the alarm starts beeping at 6, and you don’t know why or how. But it turns out, it’s not the alarm; it’s a friend calling you to join you on your morning run. To cut things short, you end up running five kilometers since you are already awake. But, of course it’s not you who ran, I ran (I just wanted to make things clear.)

So, what is hope?

I think hope is these moments that lets you know that you can break out of these cycles. Sure, there might not be a friend waking me up tomorrow, or I might not wake up at all. But this feeling that I can still get up and run, even after these countless times I have broken my habits and rules losing my self-respect, means that I can still be the best person I want to be and I am that person today.

Photo by Miguel Bruna on Unsplash


15 thoughts on ““I Hope it’s not too cheesy” have I never said in a restaurant, but saying now.

      1. i was going to ask you: since its your muse, you pick one, and I am happy to connect the other thread. should we pick a genre, or not? A restraint might make us write something that connects more easily.


      2. I think we should write whatever genre comes to mind, since all fiction can be connected up one way or another. It all feels rather fantastical, but thriller, mystery, documentary, fantasy can all link up.
        I’ll take the boat then if you don’t have a preference. Just a short story maybe 200 words?


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