V-Day 2018

A wise app on my phone once said, “Try doing something nice for someone, without telling them. It’s harder than you think.”

It’s true, especially when it’s someone whom you share each and every thought of your mind with.

So a month before this time of the year again, I started scrambling my phone and brain for some ideas. I went through my notes tagged with anything even remotely connected to a present. I finally found a project which I left hanging in the air for the past few months. I originally started it as a short story but the potential and emotional value I found in it was too high to end it short. I spanned it in to a novelette (that’s the category where I went dry.) But it wasn’t enough. I have, in the past, wrote many short pieces catering to her peculiar taste. It may not be even tolerable for mainstream or any side-stream audience, but it was our own weird thing. This time I toughened it up a little by fixing both her and a general audience as my target. So it won’t be enough that I send it to only her but also to my other part of the target audience which is whoever dare to pass here.

I know I’m not famous enough to write a ‘behind the pages’ post for my book still it feels nice.

Without further ado, here’s the link to my first novelette, Tangled lives.

Photo by Kristina Litvjak on Unsplash


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