If anyone is listening…

Let me quickly give credits to a fellow blogger Simon and his fortnight story group. Head over here for a periodic stretching of your writer brains and some interesting creative snacks.

Okay, we all know writing is fun. It’s torturous sometimes to pluck the ideas out of our fragile mind on to the screen without crushing them on process but really that’s most we can sympathize with a mother giving birth. (The previous statement does NOT hold true for a pet lovers.)

So I thought, why can’t we do it together?

I know there’s are group blogs and story groups like one I have mentioned earlier, but what if I’m about to tell you is different.

An informal group of people who can share ideas freely and see their ideas morphed in to a farfetched story element without getting hurt. Also slow paced as toddler tortoises.

Of course I don’t intend to revolutionize the concept of groups or story writing. But we know how we are, once we get an idea, it’s impossible not to spill it somewhere where others tread.

So, that’s it, my pitch for a collaborative story group.

As for the logistics, I love writing poetic, ridiculous, sarcastic, fantasy fictional works (sometimes all of them in a same piece.) we can connect through mail. Write a piece for months. Patience is really important, because you can’t hurry up life.

Just something for us to take our mind off our own ideas and let loose. What do you all say?

If you were curious enough to read up to here – – – – – – – – – –

Then contact me at Jayaprakasha375@gmail.com

Is anybody listening?

Photo by John Schnobrich on Unsplash


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