[Short Story] Misa is drowning (Misa #2)

“Captain! CAPTAIN!” he came tumbling to the bridge.

Captain spat the cigar stub on his way. Louise froze on his tracks, “The decks are flooding,” he reported in between violent wheezing.

“Have the source been identified?” he seemed too calm for a captain of a sinking ship.

“Couldn’t Sir! It’s boiling down there!” he screamed, placing another freshly lit cigar on captain lips.

“Save your energy, Sailor,” he whispered, “Are we already on the six’s territory?”

He shrugged, “We have never been able to identify, Sir.”

“Put Robbie on the halyard. The sails will stay up until I say otherwise. I don’t want her to use our movements against us. Ready the boat, I’ll disembark on the next bell.”

His feet flew the next instant, hurdling the sliding crates and swinging ropes, towards the sleeping mountain at the rear end of the ship.

“Get up, you imbecile!” Louise kicked the big man in red shorts.

“You are going to regret treating me that way, when I become the quartermaster,” rumbled Robbie in his sleep, “Do you wish to freeze on the sole?”

“If you don’t pull those damn sails up now, you will be the Quartermaster of The Davy Jones’ locker” he ordered Robbie. Sensing his tone or realizing the frenzies around him, Robbie rushed to his feet and started running.

“Put Robbie on halyard…Done! Sails stay up….Done! Next, the boat!” he scurried to left edge of the ship only to see that Misa was already on it.

“Lady! You shouldn’t be here! Captain will push me over the plank if he knew.” He rushed to separate her hands from the dirty ropes. She shouldn’t even breathe the same air as these dirty sailors, he thought. The daughter of the Captain should be treated like a princess, he reasoned. Before he could do the extraction, Captain was already on the boat and looked at Misa with a look that could only mean proud. “Lower me, doll”

Keeping the distance from her, They watched Captain’s boat sailing down into the oblivion through the giant whirlpool fifteen fathom away.

“I hope dad will be-” before she could finish, the bow gave a giant creaking noise and shook the entire ship and the crew along with it. Misa fell to the backwards and Louise landed on top of her. For a second , they rolled around awkwardly with the ship.

The next few minutes were silent and stable as the water on the lower decks drained and Captain’s boat came into view. He had the biggest grin on his face with teeths shining like a lightning. He rushed straight to the bridge on boarding the ship. Everyone looked at his face in confusion.

“Robbie lower those damn sails!” He finally said, “SHE SENT THE POSEIDON!”

Photo Courtesy : Luca Bravo


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