Learning through watching #2 – *#$@ the good movies!

You know what the one thing I hate about good movies, they make me sad!

I was watching grownups. After the movie ended the credits were rolling, I was just sitting there feeling like how I would feel after every feel good movies I watch (Small advice, they do not feel good). Like every responsible adult out there, I Googled it. Just directly ‘Why happy movies make me sad?’ and guess what!

It’s not uncommon as I thought. People get depressed or sad or after watching a good movie. One of those worst feeling is feeling alone. Even though we are surrounded by people who love us, we are made to believe that we are alone and our life is worse than the movie (Mental note to myself: Watch a lot of Horror movies).

To make things worse for me, I am in a long distance relationship. Everything is fricking magnified. I don’t know if anyone is listening (Yes, This is a speech. Right from my heart, if you will!) I got one advice for all of you couples out there. Be grateful that there is someone near you who you can watch movie with, someone near you who you can lean on you while watching a movie, someone who can laugh when you fall asleep halfway during the movie or cover you with blanket and postpone the movie night.

I can understand that when you are living with someone for a year or five or a lifetime, the little touches and smile may not mean much. But be grateful, because there are actually people out there like me who would kill to hold my special person’s hand even for a second.

Not just this, be grateful for everything you have. Every drop of water, every grain of food, every second of peace. If you start being grateful, you will see how full your life is and how fast it is flying.

There it is, gone! My after movie crisis!

I hope I made your life better in these few seconds you have taken to read this. To my readers, I am so grateful to have you.

As for you my darling, I am coming soon!

Before I leave, I am going to say something which is going to sound trivial and cliché. But sooner or later at some point in life, you are going to understand what it really means and it will freak you out. Don’t ever forget that feeling!

You got only one life to live.

Photo Courtesy: Sabina Ciesielska


2 thoughts on “Learning through watching #2 – *#$@ the good movies!

  1. thank you for the reminder to be grateful for what we have before we lose it or it goes away, we are so good at taking things for granted its magnified when its lost, I love movies too and like you hate how I feel afterwards, usually need some chocolate to get back to normal again, blessings to you always, lovely post!

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    1. Thank you so much for your lovely comments, Gina! I hoped to find more people who feel like that and it’s a Success! Taking granted is a sickness, it makes life boring! Let’s appreciate each and every moment of our life! Good morning!

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