[Short Story] The servant and the Captain (Misa #1)

Servant quarters floorboards are never the one to get cleaned easily, But he wasn’t going to give up. He wiped harder and harder as legs tumbled across him. A crate and makeshift nightstands slid down and hit his shoulder hard sending him sliding out into the open deck.

He scrambled around, trying to grab something to stop his fall. fall?  How?

“Go inside before Captain sees you,” his thoughts screamed.

His body arched almost a full circle grabbing the halyard swinging free above his head.

Finally stopping his rapid swings, he observed the sight in front of him. The fully rigged ship, Misa, was riding the biggest wave he has ever seen. Defying gravity and the mighty sea, it was sailing up the wave.

He eyed the servant quarters which were straight in front of him, a full swing away. Straight above it was standing a man, with no arms and a fluttering coat. A cigar on his mouth which was burning bright despite the splashing water all around the ship.

“Captain!” His mind screamed.

He put his weight down to the line and gave the rope a full swing without thinking. He would regret that decision a minute later.

Miscalculating the distance, He flew over the deck, beyond the quarters and crashed into few empty boxes stacked in a corner of the bridge. Usually they are filled with weapons of all sorts. It was his luck, They are in war.

Captain’s gaze was quick but powerful. He cowered when the Captain’s eyes met his.

“Now that you are here, be ready to fight IT!”

He looked up in time to see where Captain is looking. His mouth opened in terror. His mates are fighting a monstrosity, A man the size of a whale,near the rear deck. The monster was holding a trident in it’s hands about the size of Misa itself.

“Catch if you can!” said the Captain mysteriously, spitting the cigar.

The rest happened swiftly. As Captain himself is the ship, it turned sideways as he did. The trident from the monster’s hands swung towards them. Unsheathing Captain’s sword, He quickly grabbed the trident and climbed the back of the Titan. As if it were crushing an Ant, he drove the sword right through it’s neck. Then it was calm again, as though ship wasn’t sailing vertically a second ago, It cruised through the calm seas.


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