A Writer’s purpose!

*Reading first page of fahrenheit 451 for the first time*

What the f**k?

*Reading first page of fahrenheit 451 for the who knows what time*

What the f**k?

No offense to Ray Bradbury, He showcased more skill and knowledge on in his first page of one book than I have ever done with hundreds of posts here.

Maybe it’s unfair for me to compare myself to a great writer, but that’s what exactly a reader will do if they read my book. Especially if that person were a fan of that said writer.

Whatever and however you write, If we break the varying ceiling of expectations everyone have according to their favorite writer, we can become great in the eyes of those readers.

This totally contradict one of my favorite thoughts that an art is great when it fills the soul of the creator rather the one who consumes it.

Both of them sounds true (If you think, otherwise, please feel free to tell me.), So I think, figuring it out which is more important to me,

pleasing myself


pleasing my readers

is my purpose as a writer.


Impression wise, I’m not sure I leave any. But I believe, there are people here who have thought about me during this last two weeks. To those kind hearts, There’s not a way to explain my absence without telling a personal bittersweet story, so for now, I’ll opt out. I’m in a threshold in my life. Everything is changing, including me, but I’m sure this writer part would survive. So stay tuned, I might decide against my better judgment to get personal!

*whispering* I missed everyone!

A special thank to W.E.Bennett for suggesting fahrenheit 451.


19 thoughts on “A Writer’s purpose!

    1. Sorry for getting back to you so late! Things are hectic here. My first job, a probable move in the future has left me with zero enthusiasm to write recently. I’m just avoiding WordPress like a half read book! Thank you so much for your concern, I hope this comment can be my start of the journey return to the WordPress.

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  1. Fahrenheit is one of the classics… a favorite of mine. Bradbury is his own thing. Every writer is his or her own thing. When Joseph Heller was asked why he never wrote another book like Catch 22, he responded, “Who has?” You do what you do with words, I do what I do. If the world doesn’t like it, “pull down your pants and slide on the ice (Sydney Freedman, M*A*S*H).”

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      1. Oh! If I’m right, didn’t you just move? You know I hate times like this, days which don’t have time for us to write. Btw, I too experiencing the busiest period of my life!


      1. Hey Jeren, Here’s a bit of writing philosophy, for what it’s worth. I write because I love to write, feel compelled to write. It only matters what others think in that it makes me a better writer. I hope you find the peace about your writing that you seek, my friend!

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