Learning through watching #1

If you are fan of TV series, If you are a fan of thrilling nail biting stories, if you are are fan of any good stories, you have to watch Westworld.

I have always thought that a good way to hide a secret is to hide it in a place that is less obvious. Hide where no one looks. But there is a disadvantage to it, a backdoor if I may. Anyone who is smart enough can replicate this process and start searching from the less obvious place.

So what’s the foolproof way to hide hide a secret?

Hide the existence of secret itself! 

Immerse the reader or the watcher in your story, drown them with beauty, information and action, that they forget to keep looking, forget that there’s a secret. Westworld does it excellently.

It reminds me of a quote from another series, Daredevil. If you haven’t watched it, you should. If you have chose not to because it’s a superhero story, you can dismiss that thought, because, like the previously mentioned one,  it’s a damn good story! So that quote which tingle my sense everytime I think about is,

The greatest trick that devil have ever pulled is make the world believe that he doesn’t exist.

I have a feeling that we will meet again in a similar post like this, until then, bye!


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