The End – Jilly’s August challenge.

​The world, burning around me

All the lands and the sea

I weep in streams and rivers

Over the fallen world tree

From the sins, the fire delivers

The earth’s misguided caregivers

And all the pain and suffering

Fueling my body shivers


It’s half a poem to be completed by anyone who wish to do so.

The form I used is The Rubáiyát. It is a Persian form of several quatrains. Its name derives from the Arabic plural of the word for “quatrain,” Rubá’íyah. This, in turn, comes from the Arabic Rubá, meaning “four.” This Persian form of poetry is a series of rhymed quatrains. In each quatrain, all lines rhyme except the third, so rhyme scheme is aaba.

The form I specifically used is  Interlocking Rubáiyát.

An “Interlocking Rubáiyát” is a Rubáiyát where the subsequent stanza rhymes its 1st, 2nd, and 4th lines with the sound at the end of the 3rd line in the stanza (Rubá’íyah) before it. In this form, the 3rd line of the final stanza is also rhymed with the 3 rhymed lines in the first stanza, say for four quatrains, the rhyme scheme will be aaba bbcb ccdc ddad. As it can be extended for any number of quatrains, I would recommend that you stretch out rhyme scheme as you need based on the number of stanza you would like to add.


9 thoughts on “The End – Jilly’s August challenge.

  1. I’m checking out the rest of your blog 🙂 This poem was beautiful, and I like that you added the style of poem that it is! Keep up the good work 😊

    Liked by 1 person

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