[Flash Fiction] Cool

​”You know, you would look more casual if you drop that t-shirt which says ‘casual’ in big red letters,” I pointed his chest.

His look back at me was one of complete disagreement and betrayal, as if it were I beaten him in an argument and stabbed him in the back afterwards.”I’m so casual that I don’t even care what says on my t-shirt,” he finally said with a smirk.

“That’s cool.”

“Thank you.”

“No, not caring what says on your t-shirt, It’s being cool. Casual is effortless or informal or unpla-“

“One second,” he ran upstairs with a mutter.

I bend my neck to take a look at my t-shirt and it said ‘I’m-patient’ in a hurried writing with the apostrophe struck down. At least I act like what says on mine, I thought before striding towards the bus stop.


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