[Flash Fiction] One small thing.

I have found that writing flash fiction – micro stories, witty dialogues, pointless monologues (much like this one) helps me overcome these mini- writer blocks I encounter during one of those lazy days (much like today). It’s like using the small fire at the end of the match stick to create a forest fire. No I don’t mean I create forest fire, it’s the first big source of fire came to my mind. Uhm, I could say volcano… but that’s not really a fire, being molten rock and all… Well, the sun doesn’t work too… Anyway, as I was saying, writing like any art is a process and it always helps to start from a one small and silly thing. Idea to plot to chapters to book! And one last thing, Treat!

Candle? Bonfire?! Forest fire! Damn it!

Written in response to Weekly prompt over at The secret keeper. Words to be included are Found , Art, Fire, Treat, Story.

Original Picture from Unsplash.


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