Day – 76 – Worn out beliefs.

The dreams and fears of a long gone youth,
Blended to the colors of a crumbling old wall.

The beliefs and hopes which supposed to raise me,

Stained me like little black patches above the oil lamp.

The million little choice I carefully made,

Only to be strayed on a doubtful dark night.

On the path to the eternal life, of  happiness and laughs,

Awaits the white lady, pitying our narrowed sight of life.

The dream and fears of a soft hearted kid

Lurks the mind of every indifferent adult.

While we raise our voices for the reasons, forever

we made our actions on it’s cold, wet grave.

We judge every human and every damn instance,

to make worser mistakes on that made up bright day.

On the path to be a better of our little own group,

The one in the chair smiled all knowing, always.

The dreams and fears doesn’t make sense anymore,

Nor does the sight and sound around me, ever.

The children run wild at the first breath of freedom,

Never eyeing those who depraved of it and dying.

There’s no judgment anymore, only counting

The regrets of a life that I dared to waste.

One long last look at the world, beautiful and calm,

Something that I can’t and should have done long ago.

“The dreams in which I’m dying is the best one I’ve ever had” – Roland Orzabal.


This is one of those poems in which the theme devoloped as the words did. “The End” prompt from dVerse seems to fit it, in a way. Click here to see what everyone thinks!

Part of my #The100DaysOfPoetryLearning project.

Picture from Unsplash.


23 thoughts on “Day – 76 – Worn out beliefs.

  1. I felt this one very much. The adult always wanting to be as free as children are, but children don’t realize it. Also it makes me think that from the moment we’re born we’re dying and it seems after childhood, looking forward to it as peace and release to be free and delighted as children again. Beautiful writing.

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  2. I like how you described the sense of frustration experienced in the following: “The million little choice I carefully made,

    Only to be strayed on a doubtful dark night.

    On the path to the eternal life, of happiness and laughs,”

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    1. Yes, sounds nice but I think it would be better to just not age past what our physical body was at 30. I don’t know about you but I don’t think I would be happy having to live with my parents forever! Ha! But I do know what you meant. Just teasing! My wife and I talk about this all the time. How did we survive not wearing seat belts, riding around in the back of pickup trucks etc. The era in which some of us seniors grew up was a wonderful time that those that didn’t live it can’t appreciate. Like if you wanted to have fun you had to go find a few friends to get a ball game going??

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      1. Haha! I can feel what you are talking. I may not be that old, still there’s a stark difference between my childhood and the adulthood. Especially the joy of going from house to house, requesting permission from the parents and gathering friends and organizing a game, is in itself a fun task. I can agree with you on living with parents forever, it would be a nightmare!


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