Well, I’m back. *shrugging* – Day – 71 – Prison.

Is two weeks count as enough time to be an epiphanic break from your passion to give you the secret perspective which you have been searching for all your life?

Well, no!

Anyway, I’m back from my two weeks blogging hibernation. At times, It felt like I’m free, from the schedules, deadlines and the earthly pleasure of receiving likes. But, I missed it, the people, the works, the feels!

Mostly I missed the feel of performing. We can say an artist work is complete in itself and audience isn’t a necessary part of it, We can! But, you know otherwise, if not, you wouldn’t be here.

Here’s a poem from those dark times of blogging free life, 

I’m, frozen?


Silently raging within this ‘cage’.

Blinded by a nightmare,

An anthology of  fears & pains.

Ropes of snakes pulling,

My poisoned mind, down

Blood bounded to my rusty veins.

To rot from within.


Read me, Release me!

Before I go, An inspiring quote by Janelle moane,

The perfection is the enemy of greatness.


8 thoughts on “Well, I’m back. *shrugging* – Day – 71 – Prison.

  1. You have been missed, Jeren! Your “dark night of the soul” is something many people of spirit (creative or otherwise) go through. Often it involves a pilgrimage, a hair shirt, sleepless hours of supplication… and possibly nothing but bad reruns on the telly. Anyway, I hope your cage experience produces much real gold. Your poem does well to tell of the journey!

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      1. I know! It’s easy to present something when it’s big and attractive on its own, but to present a needle pricking inside our heart, one hell of a job we take it upon ourself to do!


    1. To be honest, I don’t know. I felt like that word is an important part of the poem which needs to be emphasized. But I do have a theory for it, , the days which I spent free from blogging and writing and lazying around felt like freedom, but if you are not doing what you love, it doesn’t matter where you are, it’s always going to be a cage for your soul. Thank you for the warm welcome. I too love that word anthology!

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      1. Jeren, I read the word cage exactly as you describe it – it is a symbolic cage. You are right, that word should be emphasized and the most powerful position in a poem is at the end of a line (the second most powerful is at the start of a line). That’s why we should avoid putting weak words there. But hey, you DID that part either instinctively or intentionally – cage is at the end of a line, and visually that line is longer than other lines, which adds to its punch. The only other thing would be to make it a line unto itself, but I don’t think that is necessary. For what it’s worth! I am so glad you are back 🙂

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      2. Wow! Those are some quality insights. Your perception of the poem is really quite amusing, I thank you for that. Most parts on my works are usually instinctive, but intention does have a certain magic to it and a feeling of confidence on our knowledge. I would try follow your techniques when I write the next poem and let you know how it turns out. Once, thank you so much for the useful insights.

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