Day – 70 – I want to be… – Episode – 3

I had a loose end to tie, so here it goes…

Episode – 1

Episode – 2

Witnessing the love

And the music of my flock

I will break through the shells.

Adding a rhythm to life.

The tree will  Sway

So I may fall in love

With the whip of breeze.

The summer will chase

The puddle to the right and the comfort with it,

So I may fly see the world.

The cloud will float high

So I can fix my eye there

Be one with the sky.

I want to be that bird

Which knows no wall

I want to be that bird

Which knows no home

I want to be that bird

Which born to see the world

Like no one ever will.


Before I go, A question which is killing me while I read books. When a writer reads a book, is that working or relaxing? What do you do with your writer’s conscience when you are reading a book? Let me know if you have any thoughts there! 

Part of my #The100DaysOfPoetryLearning project. You can read all of my poems here.


6 thoughts on “Day – 70 – I want to be… – Episode – 3

  1. Jeren! Glad to have you back, you were missed. I like to decide before I start reading if I am going to read for pleasure or to dissect. Otherwise I get lost in the story, especially if it’s a book. If it’s a poem I always read for understanding then pleasure then to learn from it. Easier with a poem’s short length to read multiple times. P.S. You have a typo in one of your “that”. I promised I would tell you, remember?

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    1. I do, very well actually. I quickly ran to the editor and fixed it before replying, thank you so much. It always makes me happy when a friend keep their word. I think your poem reading technique or the order of preference is quite interesting, I would like to borrow it if you don’t mind. So far I have never successfully dissected a book, I would always get lost in the story. But I have never started with a clear intent like you said, so might as well try that. It’s a pleasure to be back among all of you!

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  2. I really loved reading the episodes. Beautiful write up. ☺👌
    Well nice question at the end I think since you are a writer you can’t stop your brain from analysing the writing style the book has it will happen automatically as you read any book. For example if a gardener goes for a walk to some park his brain will automatically start analysing the good and bad about the plants there. (Idk if that was a good example😀)

    So you can’t have a perfect answer for it.

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