Day – 69 – I want to be – Episode – 2

Episode – 1

​I’ll crack the ceiling of my world,

Pushing through the burdens,

I will rise.

Small I may seem at first,

But grow tall and strong, I will.

For the thoughts, so green.

The moon will shine me,

Showcasing to the world.

The cold wind will hurry

To kiss the new born

Child of the mother nature herself.

The giants will feed my soul.

For some, know the value of life

So today I’ll repay

With a streak of breath.

I want to be that sprout

Until I stop growing

and grow stubborn and big,

Bearing the home of a fragile flock.


I want to be that bird.


Part of my #The100DaysOfPoetryLearning project. You can read all of my poems here.


10 thoughts on “Day – 69 – I want to be – Episode – 2

  1. You have my vote! This is an awesome statement poem! (Don’t be discouraged that no one has commented. Comments are far and few between today. I think it’s International Too Lazy To Comment Day.) Good job!

    Liked by 2 people

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