Home Tour & Inspiration Post ### – Jilly’s July challenge.

First part of this post, my entry to jilly’s July challenge for completing Frank’s poem Home tour. The tone of his part was very pleasant and inspired some thoughts in me which I presented ambiguously as poets always like to do (I wonder why though?) Frank’s Part is in bold, mine are italicized.

Let us climb these well worn stairs,

Light above and peace throughout.
Heart tells mind, “Don’t worry here.

Love will show us all about.”

I don’t rush, keeping steady here,

Gazing the pictures on the side wall,

They all tell a story with one common thing,

“Don’t stop at the top, climb to the sky if you want.”

Collaborative poetry by Frank hubeny / Jeren Nazuto.


As for the second Part of the post, here it goes. Once in a while, like the sealion, I come to the surface searching for some air and motivation. The tricky part is I don’t really take motivation from others, maybe that has to do with constant scrutinizing and pushing from my dad throughout my life making me numb towards motivation from other people or I’m just arrogant (We will never know which one it is 🙂  ).

So today when I was immersed in thoughts about my future goals. I fixed my goal pretty high as usual, really high. I wanted to be a best selling author even before I started writing a flash fiction (Maybe, I’m arrogant after all, we will never know :))

After setting a humongous goal, I realized that setting a really high goal is a type of defense mechanism, so when we(I) fail, I can convince myself that the goal was too high so it was okay to fail. The obvious solution would be to set set realistic goal according to my skills.

Then, I thought why? My actions can be limited by my skills, but I’m not going to bound my imagination for anything. If I’m going to climb, I might as well climb up to the sky.

And a step higher.


(That should provide some twisted context for the above poem.)


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