Day – 66 – Fishing Statues.

Disclaimer: I wish I could explain!

​Chip, chip

There it goes!

Reel, reel

One more!

Fishing blind

Memories are bait.

Sometimes mind,

Heart most certainly would do.

I sculpt every sentence,

Reel every word.

Don’t pull, It’ll hide.

When I topple over to the lake

Sculpting my legs out,

It’ll be done!


Part of my #The100DaysOfPoetryLearning project. You can read all of my poems here.


8 thoughts on “Day – 66 – Fishing Statues.

  1. writing , fishing and so many ordinary things we do are like the tides and rivers around us, I feel the magnetic pull of the moon so this poem spoke to me that everyone has the highs and lows in writing as well as trying to get the words out there. You are very perceptive of nature and her guidance J!

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    1. Thank you so much. Just like every art work, your perspective takes it to depths unimaginable to the author. I’m glad it could inspire those thoughts in your mind. Always a pleasure to visit you here

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      1. It’s mostly about being out in nature, rather than catching fish. There was a peace with being on a 20 foot boat, without any land in view on Lake Michigan. The entire experience is enhanced by that salmon fillet on the grill in the evening 🙂

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      2. Wow! That sounds wonderful. It’s just fishing here is a professional concept but not of leisure or fun, nobody except fishermen fish here. I would love to spend an entire day on a lake, even if I don’t catch a fish. (that was a lie, at least one fish would be nice)

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