Tanaga by 2 (J&J)

I fell in love with the last two lines. Jilly really did an amazing job on the first half of my poem. J&J do have a nice rhythm to it!


I must confess, this is a new form to me.  I thank Jeren for introducing it to me! I have completed his Tanaga by 2 making it collaborative poetry by J&J (Jeren & Jilly). Enjoyed this a great deal.  If you have not completed one of the two Tanagas in our July Challenge, I recommend it!  (The other is offered by Jenna.  Makes for a plethora of J’s!)

If love or lust, you did ask
I would jump up & down to say
That love is where my mind lay,
Not heart, body, I could mask.

But you split minds like devil,
Gave two heaven, which to miss,
I treasure the days of bliss,
To make a choice, void of will.

Within your eyes I would bask
Wrapped in thy love to allay
These fears I dare not obey
But link our hearts tis the task

Frame is…

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