Sail – Jilly’s July challenge!

Jenna from revived writer wrote this amazing poem, Sail, for jilly’s July challenge. I’ll admit last few days have been sluggish on the poem writing department. But! When I sat there to finish this poem, the adventure spirit of the poem came through me and man, was it fun? ( Just to be clear, yes it was fun. Thank you for reading inside the braces.) Jenna’s Part is in bold and mine are italicized.

The ocean’s waves are choppy,
Yet how I yearn to sail there,
To feel the sun and fresh air,
Cold, yet new, unknown and free.

Will I find uncharted land?
Following Polaris, bright
Star, I go beyond my sight,
After leaving home’s safe sand.

Then came the thundering storm,

Black waves plundering my ship,

Left me breezing below hip.

I gasp, As my dream transform.

You gain nothing, leaving none.

This is no land to stand steady.

no rules but to be ready.

Live each moment or be done!

I honestly don’t know how good my finished poem is, but the fun I had with the syllables and the words position and the rhyme, Man, was it fun? (Once again Yes, it was loads of fun! Or should I say it was a fun ride or sail? Let’s just say it’s fun! Thank you again for reading inside braces. Trust me, I’m trying to st 


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