If WordPress were a country, I think it would be the nicest country ever. 

Think about this,

You wake up and take a look at your beautiful home. It’s  filled with books, paintings, poems written on wall, beautiful pictures taped over the fridge. You go out, there’s beauty everywhere, trees, gardens, beautiful black and white buildings. When you walk around the neighborhood, you see people standing outside their home painting pictures, reciting poems, taking pictures of their adorable pets, and they wave at you, “Nice walking style man!” and you say, “Oh thanks, I got it from my father….. So that’s how I met my wife.” and they are like, “Nice story! Tell me more when you drop by next time!” You go around the corner, and see some people standing with WordPress t-shirt and they say, “Do you need any help with that walking? Or how about you walk in our community stage to know what others think? Wanna let us know how you like your home? Or how about you try out this new wallpaper for your bedroom, it’s very impressive, your neighbors use it *wink*”

The more and more I think how nice and supportive this community is, it kinda freaks me out. I have never seen or felt this much kindness in one place, so I don’t genuinely know how a place like this exits. It reminds me of The matrix in some way!  Oh! Me and my paranoia, right? *confused look*

It’s not bad to be nice or supportive, we need it, that love is What inspires us, nurture us, make us thrive. All of that being true, love alone is never enough. Honesty, respect, trust are some of the important things needed in any kind of relationship, even in a reader/writer relationship. I don’t want us to be bunch of people who sits around saying, “you are good.” “No you are good.” ‘that might be true, but you are great.” I want us to be a bunch of people who sits around saying “You are good, but look you made a typo there.” “Oh thank you, by the way your writing lacks some depth, wanna try this and tell me how it works.” Maybe there are communities here which work that way, but this post is my way of saying to my readers that I welcome constructive criticism. You don’t have to think about how I’ll handle or that we have never talked before, if you feel like saying something useful or interesting or want to ask something, anything, I welcome you to click that comment button thingy and type whatever comes to your mind!

Yeah, I could have directly said that I guess. But where’s the fun in that. Anyway I’m saying again, CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM, I NEED THAT!

It’s starts with this post, so if you are wondering that. I think nobody wonders that. Why do I think people wonder about everything like I do? Before this post became a page of my journal, bye!

DISCLAIMER: Major part of this post is I’m trying to be funny, it is not my intention to hurt any nice people here or the WordPress community itself.


21 thoughts on “Utopia?

  1. Thanks, Jeren! I think you are braver than me! I just got the nerve up to write online and I think criticism would probably destroy my will to write at this early stage. If I ever toughen up then maybe I will be ready to try to submit but I think an e-mailbox full of rejection letters would put me in a shame coma!

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    1. Now that I read your words out loud, it scares me so much! Still I would say I consider myself very amateurish with always some space learn, so I think I can handle it. But of course, I never had constructive criticism before, so I think it might be nice to dip my toes!


  2. Never explain that you’re being funny! If people don’t get that… tough! And never apologize when you are laying real, felt feelings out there… unless they are really hateful, felt feelings. Then you should probably apologize, but you probably wouldn’t… because you’re being hateful then, and apologies don’t really work… oh, well, you get it! Anyway, I laughed (at the appropriate parts, I hope); if not, I’m sorry! πŸ™‚

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  3. Once, someone asked for contructive feedback and when I offered it, they seemed offended, so I’m more careful. I try to focus on what that person did well in their writing because when say, 7 people comment on the same line of my work, I tend to say, ‘Wow, I should do that more often’ and that helps me be a stronger writer. I would love the opportunity to have you say something besides the positive. That’s an open invitation, my friend!

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    1. Oh! That was very nice of you, when I have something I would definitely say it. I understand you, I feel the same way. When so many people comment on same line, it makes me want to capture that essence for future poems. Do I do that? Well that a different story! Some people maybe don’t understand what constructive criticism is? As long as you are not personally offending me, I would take any advice to my mind and take the good in it. Thanks for your amazing feedback! I loved it!

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      1. I promise not to say anything about your ugly shoes if you won’t say anything about mine – deal? πŸ˜‰ Seriously, I love it when someone says they don’t get the meaning or that one line isn’t clear… I especially love it when someone chllanges me to something new, like a form or a rewrite in a different style. Maybe consider swapping the stanzas or that kind of thing. Poem onward, my friend!

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      2. Deal! I feel the same way, I love it when people ask something about my poems too. New forms are always exciting, that’s why I loved dVerse so much and it makes me sad to hear about its hiatus. Poem onward!

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      3. We shall survive 2 weeks! I am rolling out a small July challenge and a few people are interested. Keep an eye here and I’ll get it posted in a couple of days. Consider this your personal invitation, my friend πŸ™‚

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    1. Thank you so much for that amazing feedback, I just did it. I usually do everything on mobile and the WordPress app, so I sometimes even forget how my site looks. Thanks for reminding. One more thing if you can, my first post from month ago is always at the top, do you have any idea how much to take it down?

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      1. Well wp mobile app doesn’t give much options for us; so to remove that login to wp from your browser>edit your first post>there on the right side under post setting> status>click on the option “stick to front page”. (the orange badge over your post will disappear) and update your post. Tell me if it worked
        Everything else on your blog is GOOD! πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ

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      2. It worked! Thank you so much for that. I was trying to do that for weeks, but like you said not much options in mobile App. Thank you so much for your continuous help and support.

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  4. Hilarious intro to a post with a good point. I try to point out what I think are the strongest parts of a person’s work, and maybe let them come to their own conclusions about the rest. That doesn’t mean I ONLY liked that one line but I think knowing what resonated for a reader is important. Then if others only comment on that one line you might want to take a look at the rest.
    I write only poetry on WP and I don’t think a lot of people read deeply enough to give a critique. Reading a poem takes concentration and multiple reads. I wouldn’t want someone just whipping through and then critiquing the surface. Often in my poems the surface looks pretty or funny but it is saying something serious about pain or whatever.
    That makes me wonder if I am qualified to give a criticism, though I will tell you if I think there is a typo, haha!
    Maybe a sub-community of wordpress where people have gotten to know each other’s work would be a place where constructive criticism could happen? There must be those out there.

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    1. Thank you so much for the amazing feedback! I thought about those sub communities too, but instead of searching them, I decided I could make one around me, us! I agree with you about poems, there are so much content out there, if people didn’t take time, it’s no use, I do the same sometimes, if I don’t REALLY read the poem, I wouldn’t critique it, I mostly don’t critique at all. Most of the time, my poems are single layered, say what’s only surface, so for me, I wouldn’t worry much! And thanks for the typo shouts! I’m glad you shared your thought!

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