Day (Night) – 53 – what’s wrong with me?

​I’m being kind, because I don’t inflict pain!

I’m being slow, because I can quickly make mistakes!

I’m being sad, because, Always, I’m the one to blame!

I’m the bad guy, because I snap last!

I’m so weak, because the world take advantage of me!

I’m being good, because it’s so easy to be bad!

What’s wrong with me?


This world is what’s wrong with me!

Yet I eat, walk, breathe!

I smile, because people have good within them!

I laugh, because there’s beauty around me!

I play, because I’m a still a child at heart!

I live, because I love, to my full!

What’s wrong with this world?

Like everything and everyone, it’s conflicted!


Part of my #The100DaysOfPoetryLearning project. You can read all of my poems here.


13 thoughts on “Day (Night) – 53 – what’s wrong with me?

  1. i so loved this! you are such a warm and amazing individual, don’t change for anyone or anything. I live with lots of hope even when people say it’s impossible I never give up hoping and trying. and I liked reading your thoughts and description of yourself because it was so honest and real.

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    1. Thank you so much, Gina! It’s so easy to let someone pull our strings of emotions, but I’m trying hard to not let them. Your words are encouraging. Sorry for the late reply, I had some problems with the comments, it’s all good now!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. no problem J, I get behind on comments a lot!! glad you sorted things out. I try to be tough too but no I always crumble with tenderness and gentleness and everyone knows my weakness!

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