[Flash Fiction] Birds

“You know about this one?” the one with sticks asked.

“Let me look.Oh! yeah! He flew to us weeks ago for food, but that’s it.” the one with glasses answered.

“So he came to us in need, but only in need,” the stick is now examining me carefully, “so why is that little birdie?”

“Uh! Well!” I hang my head down in disgrace.

“Fair enough! We should know better than to expect anything from a kingfisher!”

That’s it! They can say anything about me, but generalizing it for the whole species? 
It’s not like we all eat shellfish!


Written in response to the prompt pot from Donna- Louise Bishop.

So there’s this dorky joke in the TV series ‘How I met your mother’.

If you bring food to class, bring it to everyone. Say, I don’t want someone in the front row to eat sea food without giving others, because that would be ‘Shellfish’. Haha!

It never miss to put a smile on my face, so I consider my first piece of flash fiction or micro fiction as tribute to that joke and the writers of that show. After all it’s the same!


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