Soul – Five sentence Challenge

“So you are saying, there’s no such thing as  love but only logic.”

“What? No! I’m not saying that, There’s such thing as love and it’s a powerful thing, but I am saying those people who say love don’t have a logic are dumb, they just have the wrong logic.”

“So, if you are that smart, what’s the right logic then? What’s these have anything to do with the soul and mind?”

“I can’t tell you the logic, but I can tell you this, there’s no coincidence or randomness in this world, there’s always a pattern and logic, you just have to have the right perspective to see it, such as mind for science, soul for love!”

Written in response to five sentence story challenge.


I’m not sure if it’s only five sentence, so if any of you who read, is kind enough to illuminate me, then that would be appreciated.


10 thoughts on “Soul – Five sentence Challenge

    1. It’s alright! What I say might not be true. It’s more like belief than factual truth. What I believe is, every randomness, is lack of information. But the prime number argument you say, is a good one. I’ll think about that. You take care!

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  1. Randomness is more prevalent than you know…one of our greatest obsessions is certainty…it’s like a drug…and don’t get me going on abuse of LOGIC…

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    1. Haha! I understand what you are saying. But I have this logic that randomness is just lack of information, if only we have infinite resources and availability of all the necessary conditions, any environment can be predicted, even the future, it’s not practical of course, but it’s theoretically possible.


  2. i suppose if there’s a full stop it means it’s a sentence. so well done! I did like the dialogue, talking about a subject that can go on for many sentences, you did a good job with coming to a good conclusion. this is a lovely challenge to participate in.

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      1. Logic is good, I work on logic a lot so I guess that’s why this resonated with me. your writing is very methodical but not dry. I like the arrangement of words and thoughts.

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