Day – 45 – Tanaga Hybrid

​”How? I will scorch the damn earth,

Mars, moon, any holy vearth!

Ignite and burn, void of breath

No lives, peak to ocean’s depth”

” Really? You would do that to be alone with me?”

“Not just that, I’ll go beyond

The systems, the solar and

The universe, make them fond

Of my mighty fists and wand”

“Oh! You don’t have to do that. I’m sure there’s nothing to disturb us. Don’t you think you are a bit extreme?”

“I’ll walk the sun’s floor smiling,

Pet the roaring boar dancing,

Bed the deadly vines singing,

there’s nothing, I ain’t willing”

“So you are saying yes,” she giggles.

©All rights reserved – Jeren Nazuto 2017


So you all might wonder what the hell is a Tanaga hybrid. Recently I came across a lovely post from a fellow awesome blogger, Jade M. Wong, featuring a Tanaga. For those who like me wondered what Tanaga is, Wikipedia says, 

The Tanaga is type of Filipino poem, four lines with seven syllables each ending with same rhyme at the end of each line.

In my case, 7-7-7-7 with aaaa, baby, cccc rhyme scheme.

So when I sat down to write a Tanaga, I had this idea of introducing prose in the middle like Haibun. I did and I’m calling this Tanaga hybrid, until someone is kind enough to inform me it has a different name. Thank you!


Part of my #The100DaysOfPoetryLearning project. You can read all of my poems here.


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