10 objects

Christine Ray from brave and reckless blog made an interesting challenge. Defining us and our lifes with 10 objects. Intrigued me!

So here’s mine, they are simple and common, just like how I like to live



Blog full of poetry

Half read books

Empty plate

Note full of scribbles

Forgotten plans

Broken promises

Unwavering luck

Last minute saves


11 thoughts on “10 objects

      1. you should be grateful! its a sad person who cannot enjoy the simple things in life, like walking holding hands, the smell of a new born baby, the air after rain. An empty plate also means you have had a meal. internet means you have connectivity! blog full of poetry is the most amazing of all! I think you have a full life J!

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      2. Oh thank you so much! Your words makes me happy! Yes I’m happy now that I’m simple and could enjoy simple things. Yes I love the blog. It feels like the most amazing I have ever done. Oh, I meant I eat a lot and clear my plate, when I meant empty plate, I click see where It went wrong. You are always such a huge support thank you!

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