Cha(lle)nge  yourself!

I jumped off the stairs to the side instead of climbing it down straight. I took a refreshing cold shower instead of a relaxing hot one. I didn’t finish off the work first thing in the morning, rater left it for the day to do it at my leisure or at the nick of the time to get some excitement.

So what’s this all about? Let me explain!

we trace the easy path, we do what we know, we stay where we are. We seek comfort. In doing so, we grow stale and stubborn and let the moss grow on our legs, cobwebs on our head and our muscles rusts.

So once in a while (if not as life style), take the hard path, the one which is riddled with thorns, do what you want not what you know, keep moving, until your legs are tired, brain is drained, muscles ache, until you feel like you are living.

That’s what all this about, challenging and improving ourselves. You don’t have to exhaust yourself but don’t be free. There’s this beautiful saying,

Difficult times create strong Kings, Strong Kings creates peaceful times, Peaceful times creates weak Kings, Weak Kings creates difficult times.

                           – unknown!

It explains cycle of life and also my point. If you relax, you will lose the race. Don’t trust me? Ask the rabbit!

There are various versions of this quote said by different people, but I like this one better and I don’t know who said it. I didn’t bother to find it who. There’s an important lesson there! Choosing  your Battles or in our case challenges. Choose wisely, you will grow strong.

Finally, I am reaching my point. Then what hell were you talking so far? You might wanna ask?

Yeah, what the hell was that?

Anyway, people who read my blog continously, I’m talking to you, one or two people who act as my lifeline, might know and others will know now that I finished a 26 day long challenge yesterday which took me 27 days to finish (Man, was that long?, I’m talking about the sentence btw)

So I’m opening myself up to new challenges to fill up the free time. Before I take something big and long time, I’m just choosing some fun little challenges to warm me up? Down?, let’s just say warm me and my soul. So I’ll be back soon with some crazy challenges to disturb you at your busy day, or just a normal day? Or whatever day you are having. Until then, jump off the stairs and take a cold shower and most importantly don’t forget to live (It’s easier than it sounds).


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