Z for zealous

There are few things in my life which I do with absolute zealousness.

One is my girlfriend. I wasn’t lonely or depressed or unloved before her, but after her I realized how lonely and depressed I was and she just filled my heart with love. Everyday I try to love her more and more and try to be everything for her.

Second is writing. Whether it is writing my thoughts as prose or poems. I love writing poems so much and just writing anything. With this post, my A_z Challenge ends. It just makes me happy that I could follow through this to the last. At the same time, I feel sad that it ended. It was fun to take on challenges and push ourselves. It’s how we grow. I recommend everyone to take on as much as challenges as their time allows, not experience or skill, because they can be expanded, grown and improved. I hope and think that happened to me. I’ll make a post soon linking all my posts from this challenge, so you can check it out and give it a read if you want.

Third, should be my family. I wish I could say I’m zealous about them. I’m not, Except my almost three year old niece and my mom and sisters, just everyone except my dad. If my dad read this, it would break his heart,  but that doesn’t make it a lie. Family can be hard sometimes, but my father is a constant pain you know where. Recently I said something to my girlfriend about my dad. I’ll finish this post with those lines and I advice everyone who read this, please don’t do it, not just to your kids, don’t do it to anyone.

There are days which I shine with confidence. A feeling that I can do anything in this world, there’s nothing to stop me. I’ll receive a call from him, his words, just plunge in to my heart and crush that soul and confidence. After that, all I want and can do is just cry in the bed.

I’ll say one more time, Don’t do it. Hours of apologizing later won’t bring back that confidence.


13 thoughts on “Z for zealous

  1. Congratulations!! you completed this challenge amazingly πŸŽ†
    Some people you just can’t change them no matter how much you try but then you also have people in your life that actually help you deal with those negativities and as I read here you have more of them.

    So don’t worry and just cherish these lovely people always πŸ™‚ 😊😊

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  2. i enjoyed this J! It shows your tender side and it was a welcome change to depressing stories. I am happy you have someone to love, that makes a big difference in life. and family yes, through everything they are with us. lovely words!

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    1. Thank you! I didn’t even realize my posts were getting depressing, but it was. I’m happy that you liked this. I am trying more and more everyday to love my family. my girlfriend, she is the source of my confidence. Thanks you once again for your lovely words, it’s always a big boost for me.

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      1. Oh I’m so sorry haha, I just misunderstood. But I was lately depressed about how the family burdens my mind, but writing this post just cleared all that burden. And I’m glad I could change your mind. I’m happy πŸ™‚


  3. Complicated families… Tough love sucks and sometimes it comes across as tough and not love at all. I hope things get better there.

    congratulations on completing your challenge!! I enjoyed reading your A to Z posts. πŸ™‚

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