Day – 41 – Sports – Haibun Monday!

Sometimes I had to sprint, sometimes I had to do a steady and slow marathon. Sometimes it was a crazy lane with hurdles. I even lifted some crazy weights and swung it across the field. It was a fun game of tag with friends. A family friendly night of trivia. Sometimes a foxy night of strip poker with the partner. The point is my whole life is like Olympics, just not summer or winter. Filled with all seasons and every games. But you know what, I’ll be honest, most of the time, I felt like I’m standing on the side lines, watching people play my favorite game because I felt like I’m not good enough or I was frozen with fear or sometimes I didn’t even knew I loved that game. Many a time, I was in the wrong game, playing for the wrong team, still not scoring. Finally I decided the best game for me, I have chosen the best team which I love and I stepped inside. All I see before me is the endless horizons of playing field filled with hurdles for me to overcome and grow, with people I love and admire. There’s nothing to stop me from playing my game, not even me.

Win or lose, the fun

with the run Is what I choose

In my game of life!


I’m just falling in love with Haibun. It’s like magic, Poetry and prose fused together. All the more reasons to write and read!

Written for Haibun Monday at DVerse,the virtual pub for poets. Come visit sometimes, it’s a fun place. Click here to submit your Haibun or read other’s.

Haibun (俳文, literally, haikai writings) is a prosimetric literary form originating in Japan, combining prose and haiku.

A part of my #The100DaysOfPoetryLearning project. You can read all of my poems here.


36 thoughts on “Day – 41 – Sports – Haibun Monday!

  1. I think when I was young, in school, the only thing offered to girls was basketball. I was short and no one asked me to be on their team. I’m not sure, but if you aren’t good at the game, I don’t think it is much fun? I like your game, and it is one we can all play.

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    1. Oh it’s just happened to me a lot too! Yes it’s not fun at all if you aren’t good or Atleast Good enough to enjoy! I’m glad and happy that I could connect with you. Thank you so much for reading!


  2. I love this. You sound just like a writer. It’s good that even ‘you’ can’t get in your own way – I think we have a tendency to be our own worst enemies. Always doubting and second guessing ourselves. Really great and touching post.

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    1. Oh I cannot ask for better praise than this! Thank you so much! It just makes me happy so much that you used the ‘W’ word. It’s just became my burning passion in the past few months. Yes the doubting are the worst of all, undermining ourselves and undervaluing ourselves. Everyone should stop and have some refreshing confidence, because talent and skill can be learned and grown, there’s no limit to our mind! Once again, thank you so much for you wonderful words. Sorry I’m rambling too much, have a great day!

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