Updates #2

A really great and fun initiative. Everybody is welcome to participate!


Updates #2. Yes it’s a continuation of the first update post. Missed it? No problem, go ahead read that one first here

What are you waiting for? Go ahead, read the last part of it primarily as this post shall focus on the same.

Read? Alright, let’s roll. So in the first update post, I introduced an initiative of hosting a weekly prompt by building a team of 4(including me). I bet you have went through the whole idea structure in the first update post. Although, I guess I’m horrible at maths but I guess according to my best of calculations I think that leaves 3 places up for grabs in the core admin team (Mom, look I’m a pro mathematician, 4-1=3)

So, I will not pick anyone up anonymously, rather I am hiring for this Project X of mine. Project X, so cinematic. But here comes the twist, yes…

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