W for Wife

Recently I made a post about how marriage is the most misunderstood word and how my girlfriend is actually my wife.

There’s a reason I can say it with confidence, because we share not just time but already the rights to each other lives and every decisions.

There’s also a reason why I’m saying this. My dad decided to contest in a election in a political party which he is in. He decided to do it on his alone. Something of a career choice with numerous legal expenses, but he made the decision without even informing us. We learn it thorough his phone calls he have with his friends. The worst thing is he doesn’t even know he should share these kind of information and take the decision with his family.

He is a man of the past, so I can’t completely blame him. My mother should have smacked him in the head (preferably metaphorically, but not necessarily) when he did it first time years ago when he decided to leave his job on the government. She didn’t because she is from the place and age where wife doesn’t utter husband’s name in any situation.

The only way I treat my dad is a lesson. A meaningful lessons how and how not should a husband be, it’s really helping me with my relationship. Whenever I feel like I am acting like my dad, I jump back feets away and analyze where did I go wrong. What I’m saying might be harsh, after all he loved and cared for us like crazy, just he didn’t know how to love his wife. My mother, still alone, amidst her daughters and granddaughter, longing for her husband’s  kind words and attention like a teenager girl longing for an actor’s  gaze.

The sad part is she is never going to get it. She will always be a lonely wife.


Part of my A_z-challenge. You can read what I have written so far here.


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