Day – 37 – Climbing Himalayas!

how many days!

Till I’m at the top.

I smile and wave

to the people above.

I say with a wide grin,

“I have my own pace”,

“Doing what I love!”

I hide my sadness behind it.

I am sick of it!

My slow pace,

the shallow words

and the slothful body

I want to cower in a corner,

As the burden of

shame and fear

Of never being good enough

Bends my back

Breaking it, bit by bit.

Many mighty sun arose!

All fell without fail,

As my enthusiasm.

It’s time for the cold moon

Of self doubt,

Unforgiving and I’m still

At the foot of the hill.

I climb as fast as I can

At Least I used to think that.

As people far ahead waves flags

Signaling their victory,

Did I lose?

Am I losing?

The will and the patience

to reach the top,

Plant a flag of my own.


I fear the fall

Not the failure.

I can retrace the steps if needed

But not the climb.

It can be only done once

So don’t let me fall

from the happiness and love

to the depth of darkness and despair.

I plead the next sun! 


Part of my #The100DaysOfPoetryLearning project. You can read all of my poems here.


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