V for Virtue

Remember the stories we used to read in school. The ones with pictures and a moral at the end. I loved and hated those stories. For starters, they usually portray animals which is unrealistic and dumb. I loved the stories because they give us the importance of being good and instruct us how to make the ‘good’ choices. But I hated it, because it had zero connection with real life and moral dilemma we face in it.

Maybe I was too dumb to translate to it to real life situations but so were other kids. I still make a thousand choices which contradicts every moral I learned in those stories. For one thing, if I have learned it at an early age, it could have became my nature rather the painful thinking process we have to go through.

This all must be every confusing (Atleast it’s for me) , so let me break it down with an example,

We learn about the value of freedom, the life of Buddha and suffering of the attachments and dozens of stories about freedom and being free. Except we didn’t teach kids about the zoo. Yes, we gave them the definition for zoo, but what we didn’t tell them is it contradicts the moral of the previously mentioned dozens of stories. We strip the animals from their habitat and put them in small cages and make them an eye candy for the kids and dumb adults. The irony is we take the kids to zoo when they do something good, all the while zoo is an evil abomination we created. I know about the rescued animals from natural dangers and poachers and hunters but we really didn’t destroy all the forests yet and there are thousands of wildlife sanctuaries which are practically forest with surveillance. Instead we put them in a cage with a cash counter at the front.

Let’s zoom out now. It’s just one example, there are millions of scenarios like this, we teach the importance of forest, and we teach the importance of industry, but we don’t really teach how industry destroys forest and nature. We do, but there’s a gap and if we don’t connect it, it will take years for themselves to to it. Like me! I could go on with so many examples, racism, religion, all the sensitive topics which we avoid talking in front of kids, they have to be in their books.

Some talented and perspective (and some narrow-minded and dumb) teachers try to teach this kids as best as they can. But thousands of others don’t and it’s because they weren’t taught it in the first place. 

My solution, change the mind of kids. They are the future generation and it have to start with them. To change the kids, change the teachers. Teachers are being trained to teach effectively and efficiently in schools but they need most is what to teach. The effect of nuclear power plants and chemical industries on the nature is as much as important as physics and chemistry and more importantly, teach kids to where to compromise and where not to comprises, because if you don’t, they are going to make the wrong choice years later on and it’ll cost our kids dearly. so stop making the important things small boxes on the side or two paragraphs in the end of the chapter. We need need separate subject on how to face and decide the situations specific to this century.

It’s time to take care of the roots of future and that too in a right way.


Part of my A_z-challenge. You can read what I have written so far here.


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