U for Under one’s skin

Under one’s skin – ​so deeply penetrative as to irritate, stimulate, provoke thought, or otherwise excite.

Family has a way of doing that.

For those who think I used an idiom to get to a topic I wanted to talk about it and doesn’t want to read anymore. A question for the way. Is it considered a talent or lack there of?

The ‘other’ people in our life, friends and partners, the ones who really matters, not colleagues and roommates, are the people we carefully allow or sometimes not so carefully to interact with us.

The one exception is family. It’s a group of strangers, who we live with just because we have a vague connection of Blood. Family can get under one’s skin, deep in to their soul and crush it or nurture it. Family can be unforgiving or uncaring or stubborn. You know what that’s it. Family is the worst of all. Being in with a people you despise and forced to love them, UNCONDITIONALLY, It’s a curse.

For those who expect a happy ending to the whatever this is, follow my blog for the second part. Hopefully, for you and me, there will be one!


Part of my A_z-challenge. You can read what I have written so far here


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