T for Talent

Once my wise friend said, I guess I have like bunch of wise friends, “In History, The successful ones were mostly hardworking, not just talented or lucky ones”. Seemed bit of a stretch for me at that time. If someone have a talent by nature, The amount of work they have to put in is relatively low, hence for a lazy person like me talent seemed the way.

I gave it some thought later and had some revelations. Talents, however deep and fine they are, they have a limit. Nobody, I mean literally nobody has endless talent. Unless. They put some work in to it. Theoretically our mind has no limit and our potential to grow is enormous. We are almost and always restricted by our will to learn and to push ourselves.

So yeah, talent is like a cave which can lead to a mine of fine gems. Whether cave is there or not, it’s just a matter of saving some time. Always hard work is the key to your resources. Or the talent or some crazy ninja instincts, what do I know!


Part of my A_z-challenge. You can read what I have written so far here.


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