R for Regret

Once I told my wise friend that I want to live a life without regrets. He being wise and all immediately shot me down with an answer, “That’s impossible.” Is it?

Berdians Ass! We might not be dumb enough to die over indecisiveness, but it’s a painful truth we are not always presented a choice between the poison and the elixir. Sometimes it’s different shades of poison or even poison disguised as elixir.

If I think about it, it sounds very simple. If I always follow my heart, there would be no Chances for regret. But the funny thing is, heart always doesn’t know what it wants. Or we don’t listen to it. 

Either way, As pain and joy is part of the life, Regret is too. All we can do is make sure it doesn’t drown our life. So set the standards high, maybe we can do the impossible.

Here’s to a life without regret!


Part of my A_z-challenge. You can read what I have written so far here.



5 thoughts on “R for Regret

  1. take chances.take calculated risks. you will never regret it. if you sit and wait only cobwebs find you. hey I like what I just said! no seriously. you make your luck happen. be positive. good things will happen.

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    1. Yes those are really nice words. Atleast if the choices were mine and I had a good reasons, there won’t be regret even if it’s a failure. Yes it does makes sense! Thank you for that. Thank you for the support always. It means so much!

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  2. “but it’s a painful truth we are not always presented a choice between the poison and the elixir.”

    powerful statement! and yes indeed. we cannot avoid i think. so we should always follow our hearts. always.

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